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How I went from chasing someone else’s version of success to living in alignment with my deeper purpose, and helping others do the same.


Hi, I’m Casey Berglund, Purpose Coach, Private Yoga Teacher, and the founder of Worthy and Well Inc.

These days, life feels pretty damn abundant. I’m living in alignment with my deeper purpose and higher potential, and this allows me to experience more meaningful success every single day. I am so grateful that I’ve learned how to use my natural ambition and drive in way that allows me to be of service to the world, without burning out or constantly feeling like I’m dropping the ball.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m human, and I have my moments of feeling doubtful or like an imposter, but mostly, I get to wake up feeling worthy, joyful, and fulfilled.

But it wasn’t always this way.
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For years I was stuck in chasing someone else’s version of success.

The drive to do what I thought I “should” for better health, wealth, and relationships led to an eating disorder, staying in a toxic partnership, and waking up one day realizing I’ve accomplished so much in my work and life but still don’t feel good enough.

I would experience momentary happiness sandwiched between bouts of anxiety, depression, and more accomplishing.

Nothing was ever enough and I never fully got to experience the joy and fulfillment I thought the accomplishing would bring.

External validation and confidence would be fleeting, followed by full weeks or months of spiralling into self-doubt and uncertainty.


I wish I could say there was a single moment in time that changed everything.

But really, it took me years of gradual unravelling to get to the truth.

I thought I needed a degree in nutrition to help me heal my unhealthy relationship with food and my body. So I became a dietitian, and though I learned a LOT of valuable information, I also just replaced my old food rules with a more sophisticated set that I needed to abide by.

I thought I needed to change myself to be able to commit in a relationship. So I read all the relationship self-help books, dated who I thought “should” be the perfect fit, and ended up staying in something that kept me feeling powerless and deeply unhappy.

I thought I needed to work harder and be smarter to have a valuable business. So I put in more hours, put out more offerings, and took more and more trainings, only to find myself questioning if what I was doing was in truly in alignment with what I’m here to do - my soul-level work.

I have so much compassion for the part of me that thought the solutions to my problems were outside of me and that I just needed another tip, trick, or tactic to get me through.

I didn’t need any of those things.
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I needed to tune into my body, listen to it’s messages, and trust it’s wisdom.

I needed to purge the illusions that were fed to me by conventional wisdom, and embark on a different path. One of deep self-discovery.

Therapy, coaching, self-help, and silent retreats all played a role, but the one thing that consistently guided me back to myself and my Truth was tuning into my body through my yoga and meditation practice, alongside answering potent questions from respected gurus and coaches who knew I had the answers inside.

As I dug deeper and learned more about the ancient wisdom of yoga (beyond just the poses), the cycle of my suffering started to make sense and a path to freedom was illuminated. And finally, after 10 years of practice, 8 years of teaching, months of being coached and weeks of ashram living, I developed the capacity to experience the Truth that worth, joy, and fulfillment live inside of me.


 I accessed my deeper purpose, took aligned action, and I began to feel whole.

I am so much more balanced, I’ve developed more resilience, and I’m playing bigger by unapologetically putting myself and my life’s work out into the world.

You can do this, too.

Worthy and Well works with ambitious visionary leaders who want to do things differently.

We help people who want to untether from conventional norms and lean into creating the meaningful lives they desire and deserve, so that they can experience greater impact, joy, and fulfillment.

We guide you back to the solutions that ARE already inside of you and hold you with compassionate accountability to deep transformation that will change your life.

Here’s how you can get started:

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Get Valuable Free Support

We want to hear your story, help you clarify your vision, and uncover what’s holding you back from getting exactly what you want. Book a powerful introductory coaching call here.

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