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First Step: Stop Chasing Success.

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Live a more meaningful life.

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You are a visionary leader with the capacity for even more impact and joy.

You may not believe that or feel that right now, but it’s true.

In this moment, you may be stuck in the hamster wheel of chasing conventional success and are experiencing the symptoms of your life being out of balance:

  • You’re money rich, and not just time poor, but time starved

  • You have more than you could have ever imagined for yourself, but you’re not enjoying it because of crippling anxiety and depression

  • You keep trying to better your body and wellness, but remain deeply unsatisfied and like nothing’s ever good enough

  • You hate your job. Or it’s “fine,” but you crave something more.

  • Your relationships are taking a hit - you’re not really present and not really open to the level of connection you desire and deserve.

  • You’ve achieved so many things you thought would make you happy, but you’re just not feeling what you thought the achieving would bring

Chasing success has served you in a lot of ways. It may have gotten you the incredible job opportunity, abundant cashflow, the perfect relationship, or the body you’ve always wanted. But you’re still not satisfied. In fact, you’re REALLY struggling.

There is something missing.

You catch yourself wondering if this is just the way it is. If this is it. You’re scared this might be true.

  • What is staying here costing you now and into the future?

  • How committed are you to finding a solution?

  • What do you want instead?


You are worthy of your deepest desires.

But you have to FEEL worthy and have the experience of worthiness to allow yourself to receive what you REALLY want.

Worthy and Well exists to train high performing individuals to access their deeper purpose, activate their higher potential, and bring their lives into alignment, so that they can actually experience the worthiness, joy, and fulfillment they thought this version of success would bring.

We can help you end the overwhelm and anxiety, and live a more meaningful life.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Stop Chasing Success

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2.Get Support

Don’t keep stuffing your struggle - that only makes things worse. Give it a voice. Lean into the discomfort of it (instead of trying to avoid it). Your struggle can be the gateway to your deepest self-discovery and sustainable solutions.

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