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Monetize Your Purpose

Get your first premium clients in 90 days, so that you can quit your corporate job and lean into the work your here to do in the world!


Monetize Your Purpose (formerly The Transformation) is our group coaching program for a select group of ambitious, high-performing women leaders who dream of having their own entrepreneurial coaching or consulting gig that’s transformational, purposeful, and profitable.

Imagine getting your first few premium clients paying $2K - $10K+ each to work with you…

  • Without having to quit your job right now (you will, eventually)

  • Without wasting your time trying to figure it all out alone

  • Without getting distracted by the tasks that don’t actually move the needle in this phase of business

  • Without having to hustle to find clients

  • And with customized support every step of the way.

You’ll start by getting crystal clear on who you are, what you’re here for, and how you’ll go about serving the people you’re meant to serve.

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Then, you’ll create an incredible offer, and learn the skills necessary to sell it to dreamy clients.

At the core, this is what it really takes to run a business. 

It doesn’t matter if you have 100K followers on instagram if you don’t know how to invite them into your transformational container (ahem, your $2K - $10K offer).

You’ll learn how to handle any overwhelm, fear, and limiting beliefs that might hold you back, so you can breakthrough and stay in aligned action, instead of shrinking back and playing small.

You’ll become even more of a leader, embodying the truth of who you are, and allowing yourself to be visible and ‘out there’ so that people know you can help them.

All alongside other ambitious women who want what you want, for themselves, and for YOU! A supportive community of women who can hold you when you are struggling and (more importantly) celebrate the shit out of you when you’re making waves, is EVERYTHING.

Ready to join us?


Throughout Monetize Your Purpose (formerly The Transformation), you’ll create these results:

  • Add $50K - $150K or more per year (more if your entrepreneurial thing becomes your full-time gig) by putting into action the clarity and skills you’ll learn. Not only will this help you create more money in your life, but you’ll also feel of service doing what you love.

  • Enrol clients at $2K -$10K or more - even if right now you don’t know how.

  • Gain confidence in yourself, your clients, and your capacity to run a business that nourishes you. This confidence will bleed over into every other area of your life, allowing you to up-level not only your wealth, but your health and relationships, too!

  • You’ll get to feel 100% yourself - living in alignment with your truth. You’ll feel free, expansive, joyful, and brave, because you are finally doing it! When you lean into your purpose driven work, you get filled with abundant energy that will change your life.

  • Start to build a community of perfect-fit clients and potential clients, as well as other powerful women who want to support and celebrate you.


I’ll be here by your side sharing what’s worked for me and my clients…

…and what I’ve learned are the most important pieces of starting a business (they may not be what you think). More than the “how” - which you’ll absolutely learn - who you become, matters!

You will become so self-aware, able to process your triggers quickly, and return to a place of grounded confidence, so that you can keep moving forward, no matter what gets thrown in your way.

Expect to have other powerful women entrepreneurs by your side supporting you, and holding you accountable as you break through your doubt, fear, insecurity, and claim exactly what’s yours.

You are worthy of your deepest desires. And what you want, including this business, is right here for you to claim.

It’s safe for you to step into a more powerful version of yourself!


Here are the details...

This is not a self-study, set-it-and-forget-it type of program; it’s an intimate and transformative group coaching experience.

We’ll kick things off in our initial group call by helping you getting crystal-clear about what you want (including how much money you want to make), your goals, and the game plan.

I’ll share with you some powerful frameworks that will guide our time together.

Then we’ll meet as a group over Zoom 3 times per month for 2 hours each time. We intentionally build time over the course of the program for integration and implementation so that you are translating your knowledge into meaningful action. There are 3 integration weeks.

We start each call with celebrations and each person has an opportunity to give their updates. And don’t worry, we’re all about real talk - you get to share what’s true, so that we can support you in the most helpful way.

Some calls will be more heavy on the training - me sharing with you how to create the above results.

Other calls will be more heavy on the coaching - me helping you move through your blocks and lean into the beautiful, bold, and badass parts of you, so that you can take the actions necessary to move you forward.

You WILL create results. And you can expect me to help you do that.

Everything will be recorded, so if you must miss something, you’ll have access to it later. Of course, there is real power in being present live.

ALSO, you get complimentary access to one of the Worthy and Well Day Retreats for women leaders who desire deep clarity on what they want, connection with other wholehearted women, and a safe space to celebrate themselves and others.

AND, you’ll get access to our private Slack channel where we can have focussed communication about the material in between sessions. If you’ve never heard of Slack, not to worry, it is SUPER easy to use (kind of like a more organized and less distracting facebook group for staying connected, asking questions, and sharing resources), and you’ll probably want to integrate it into your own business at some point or another.


Ok, what questions do you have?

I’m sure there are a few, so here are some answers…

Who is Monetize Your Purpose (formerly The Transformation) for?

This is for you if you are really wanting to put your purposeful business into the world in a meaningful way that makes you money but you don’t want to waste time figuring out how to do it on your own.

This is for you if you are a high-performing leader who knows your purpose is to be a powerful coach, consultant, or healer.

This is for you if you’ve helped others get results and you are a skilled practitioner - you just don’t know how to do it within your own business.

This is for you if you are committed to personal growth and are ready to integrate, actualize, and take action on all that you’ve learned, in service of others.

This is NOT for you if you just want more infotainment, but aren’t actually committed to making shit happen in favour of the life you want to live.


Who is in the group?

The group is made up of women leaders who are ready to create a transformational offering that will form the foundation of their business model. They are warm, loving, supportive, kind, and super badass in their own way.

You belong here if you are high-achieving, positive, and committed to creating results in your service-based transformational business!

Must I be a coach or consultant?

Not necessarily. But you do have to do some sort of service-based transformational work and have an open mind about how to do it. You must be willing to go outside of conventional norms to create amazing higher end offerings that allow for deeper transformation.

This program is NOT the best fit for people wanting to sell products or low-end offerings.

What if I don’t have any private clients yet?

Let’s get you some. You do have to have some experience getting people results with the type of work you want to do in your business and be open to up-levelling those results.


What else do I get?

All sorts of wisdom and tools.

I’ll also share templates for sales conversations and other useful resources that will help you on your journey.

You’ll get special perks for working with me 1-on-1 or in other offerings {savings, bonuses, etc}.

AND you get to collaborate and network with other incredible entrepreneurs. Your net worth equals your network, after all.

When does the next session start?

NEXt session starts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 and runs for 12-weeks. 
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Let’s do this! Where do I go from here?

Click here to complete your application and we’ll jump on a phone call ASAP.

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