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Find your deeper purpose. Achieve your next level of meaningful success.

The Purpose Map is a valuable tool to help you understand why finding your purpose is critical if you want to live a meaningful life and offers a framework for how to do it.

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The Transformation is our 12-week group coaching program for a hand-selected group of ambitious women who dream of having their own entrepreneurial coaching or consulting gig that’s transformational, purposeful, and profitable, but don’t know where to start.

Imagine getting your first few clients paying $3K, $5K, $10K+ to work with you in a way that feels SO in alignment with how you deeply want to serve...

  • Without having to quit your corporate job (though you can if you want ;))

  • Without spending so much time and money on a website and fancy business cards

  • Without having to hustle to find clients

  • And with customized support every step of the way.

You’ll do it by getting crystal clear on who you are (including your unique genius), who you deeply wish to serve, and what you can offer them that they value and will HAPPILY pay for.

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