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How you up-level and achieve more meaningful success.


It’s time to bring your life into alignment with who you really are and what you really want.

Ambition on autopilot will get the best of you at some point or another, if you’re not mindful.

Despite all your hard work to keep everything straight, there are too many balls in the air and you’re feeling the impact in at least one area of life. You’re struggling with your mental or physical health, your relationships are taking a hit, or you know you’re not doing your best work, and are worthy of so much more.

We create a safe space for high-performing individuals to access their deeper purpose and take aligned action, so that they can experience greater fulfillment, ease, and joy, so that their next level of success is more meaningful and impactful.

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The Transformation  

Group Training for Budding Entrepreneurial Women

The Transformation is a 12 week intensive online group training program for corporate women leaders who know it’s time to embark on the path of entrepreneurship and put their soul-centered work into the world.

On the surface? It’s about getting crystal clear on your entrepreneurial offering and using transformative sales skills to get your first clients, so that you can be of service and validate your incredible business idea (and get paid!) before you invest in a fancy website and business cards.

But really? It’s about playing bigger and aligning your work with your deeper purpose and potential.


The Day Retreat - LIVE Event

Intimate Day Event for Women Playing Bigger

Women connect over their smallness, instead of how beautiful, brilliant, and bold they are. It’s time to talk less about the weight you want to lose, and more about the life you want to live.

The Day Retreat is an intimate event for a curated group of women to tune into themselves, create and share their visions, connect with other women, and celebrate playing bigger.


The Awakening

Purpose Coaching and Private Yoga for High Performers

End overwhelm, anxiety, and playing the conventional game. The Awakening is a highly customized private coaching and training experience for high-performers who are ready for their next level of success that feels meaningful and impactful.

The Awakening could be for you if you have an ache for a greater sense of wellbeing, more wholehearted relationships, and more aligned work. Are you ready to untether from fear, blow your current box open, and experience true joy?


Your deeper purpose is waiting.

End the overwhelm. Fill the void.

Achieve your next level of meaningful success.

Get The Purpose Map, 100% free.