The voices in your head that hold you back from quantum leaping


I know that you logically understand that the thoughts you think aren't always true. That they are *mostly* not true.

And yet boy can those voices in your head be loud and distracting. Especially when you're about to break through to a new level of meaningful success.

If youhave ever felt held back by the stories you tell yourself, please...⁣Join me on Instagram of Facebook LIVE TODAY @ 5:30 MST / 7:30 EST and we’ll discuss:

  • Common sabotaging thoughts that may be holding you back from taking a leap

  • Why to learn how to observe and question your thoughts

  • How to make your best decisions from an empowered place in you, instead of reacting out of fear

I can't wait to "see" you there.

Love & gratitude,


PS - If you're local to Calgary, tomorrow I'm speaking at ATB Entrepreneur Centre from noon to 1pm! Woohoo. The title: How to Multiply Your Results by Taking Your Wellness and Leadership to the Next Level. I'd love to see you there - here's the link to sign up.

PPS - I'm welcoming a brand new cohort of women leaders into the program that helps you monetize your purpose, without having to let go of the stability of your corporate job, and while staying focused on the important actions that allow you to have more income and impact at this stage of the game in your entrepreneurial journey. If you want in, hit reply and let me know. Spots are limited.

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