Why lean into taking a quantum leap


One of my mentor’s mentors says: "Your success depends on your capacity to take action on that which you cannot see."

Instead of staying paralyzed by fear, have FAITH and take aligned action.

When it comes to "quantum leaping," there is so much that you "cannot see"...


But you absolutely will connect the dots looking backward and feel so grateful for your incredible courage.

Big goals often take big moves to achieve.

Taking action and making big moves give you WAY more clarity than thinking yourself in circles and waiting for the "right" time when you’re 100% clear. Taking action is how you learn, get the answers you need, build rock-solid resilience, and give yourself a boost of confidence.

You’ve got this. 

What action can you take today, even if you're scared?

To your boldness and brilliance,


PS - If you missed Tuesday’s live video on Facebook and Instagram about when to embrace radical change and take a quantum leap, you can check out the recording on our Facebook page right here. I shared a little bit about my trip to New York, too!

PPS - Enrolment is opening up next week for the next round of The Transformation for entrepreneurial women who want to get their first clients paying $2K, $5K, $10K+ for their deeply purposeful and transformational work. Keep your eyes peeled and hearts open.

PPPS - Last night I spoke to a group of about 50 amazing dietitians for Dietitians Day up in Edmonton about building resilience, preventing burnout, and creating even more exceptional client experiences. Wow! Big thanks to them for being open and receptive and for giving me the gift of being able to share about a topic that's deeply aligned with my purpose. I invite MORE of these opportunities. If you know of a group needing a speaker for an event, please share my contact information or connect us! SO MUCH GRATITUDE.

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