When to embrace radical change and make a quantum leap

Sometimes, after months or years of coasting along, an awakening happens.

You have this holy shit moment and realize that you’re suffocating in the wrong relationship, drained by the wrong job, or leaning too heavily on the wrong habits for health.

And because you can’t "unsee" what you’ve already seen, EVERYTHING changes.

There are a number of people in my community who are awakening and making brave radical shifts. And it is SO awesome to witness.

Like one woman, who in the span of less than one month, left her relationship, moved into a new place, got back into her favourite fitness routines, and I have a sneaking suspicion will also be making some changes in her career, too. 

And here’s the shocking truth...

She did it with a lot more ease than you would expect.


Sure, she experienced some fear leading up, but she did it anyways, and is now reaping the incredible benefits.

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race.

Sometimes you need to BOLDLY choose yourself and take radical aligned action in favour of your own worthiness, dreams, and desires.

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  • The critical role of FAITH as you’re making a quantum leap

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Casey Berglund