PART I - When the current business paradigm for dietitians, yoga teachers, coaches, and consultants is NOT working


Dietitians aren’t taught about business in school (nor are many yoga teachers, health professionals, coaches, or consultants).

So very often, the dietitian who wants to start a business downloads the fee guidelines from their national professional organization and checks out what other dietitians in private practice are doing. 

And then the dietitian learns (based on this compare-and-contrast game) to charge $100-something for a 1-hour initial session and $75 (or so) for a 30-minute follow up.

At first, this sounds great. The dietitian builds up the courage to start seeing clients privately, GETS a couple of clients, and makes a few hundred bucks… WOOT!

And they toot right along (pardon the pun - dietitians love fart and poop jokes).

Then at some point realize that they actually need to make AT LEAST (and I’m being conservative) $5000/month (unless they have a sugar daddy/mama - and no judgement there!) to meet their basic needs, and what these ambitious dietitians really want (even if they don’t admit it outright) is more like double, triple, or quadruple that. 

For that survival number of $5000/month, that means about 40 one-on-one client sessions per month or 10 clients/week (and of course double, triple, or quadruple that if they want to make more).

To make that with one-off sessions or small packages (as suggested by the conventional model), means hustling for new clients non-stop.

And that’s fine, until…

...they realize that at some point or another, they’re going to hit a glass ceiling, where there aren’t enough hours in the day to consistently make enough money to survive or to scale their business without burning out.

And this is when the thought of going back to that J.O.B. starts to creep in.

Ugh, ask me how I know. And reply with "OMG" if you're resonating.

It's a problem. But not to worry. Stay tuned for parts II and III of this series so you can get to the happy ending.

Love & gratitude,


PS - There is a way through. It takes a paradigm shift, some courage, and a little support. Keep an eye on your inbox for Part II tomorrow.

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