PART II - When the current business paradigm for dietitians, yoga teachers, coaches, and consultants IS NOT working


Now, absolutely the dietitian (yoga teacher, health professional, coach, or consultant) I spoke about in PART I (see previous email) needs money to live, AND they likely didn’t get into dietetics to get rich; they got into it because they wanted to help their clients deeply transform their lives.

The dietitian does their very best to listen attentively to their clients needs, debunk all the nutrition myths, and offer the most appropriate evidence-based wisdom they can think of to support their clients with making long-term sustainable changes to their eating habits and health behaviours.

And even with these incredible intentions, their clients results still feel superficial and short-lived or like there is WAY more of a revolutionary shift that could be made.

And this is disappointing.

But the dietitian can’t really blame their clients. 

The clients are dealing with complex issues that can't be changed overnight (disordered eating, chronic dieting, years of self-sabotage, deeply ingrained BS beliefs about themselves instilled into them by diet culture, etc) and the clients only booked one or two sessions because the dietitian set up their business model so that the clients could have that option. 

So here we are.

The dietitian isn’t making enough money (or seeing a glass ceiling in their future) AND their clients aren’t experiencing the level of transformation they could.

This is heartbreaking. Because the dietitian starts to feel like their dream is starting to crumble through their fingertips.

Ask me how I know! 

So what’s the dietitian (yoga teacher, health professional, coach, or consultant) to do?

Stay tuned for Part III tomorrow.

Love & gratitude,


PS - The solution is coming soon. Keep your mind and heart open.

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Casey Berglund