PART III - When the current business paradigm for dietitians, yoga teachers, coaches, and consultants is NOT working


So what’s the dietitian (yoga teacher, health professional, coach, or consultant) to do?

Something different.

Something outside of the conventional box.

Something that allows the dietitian to be financially abundant AND facilitate deeper, fuller, longer-lasting transformations for their clients, without the risk of burnout.

It’s a LOT easier to make that survival number of $5000/month (and then scale to double, triple, or quadruple that) with one or two new clients/month (instead of 10 clients/week) who are just waiting for the dietitian to step up and serve within a larger, deeper, and more transformative offer.

When businesses START by offering something juicy at a more premium price point ($2K, $5K, $10K+), the business becomes more financially supported, so that there is more freedom to create WHATEVER ELSE the business owner wants to create (i.e. online course, workshop, membership site) for whomever they want to serve.

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PS - Did you catch yesterday's live video on what it really takes to create a sustainable business that's purposeful and profitable? You can watch the replay here.

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