Don't open if you'd rather not smile

Yesterday, I was having a work date with my dear friend Aislinn (of and at some point I shared how overwhelming it was to choose the right song for the intro to my podcast (which is coming later this Spring).

She responded with: "I love that shit," and began perusing the list of hundreds of royalty-free songs we had to choose from.

I was sitting on her couch tweaking my presentation plan for a talk I’m giving in Edmonton on Dietitians Day, while she played tune after tune in an effort to capture the right "vibe" for the show.

After about the tenth song, I stopped everything I was doing, got up from the couch and started moving to the music in her kitchen.

"I need to run these through my body," I said, "because the body knows best."

The songs that made me dance like a ballerina were a definite "NO" - too graceful and not bold enough; as were the ones that made me pound my fist like it was Hockey Night in Canada (the podcast will have some intensity, but not THAT much).

The afternoon turned into a ridiculously joyful matinee dance special.

That Aislinn happened to catch on video.

My version of "The Carlton" came out (Fresh Prince, anyone?), as did interpretive dance moves I didn’t even know I had.

And guess what? We found "The One."

But you’ll have to wait until we launch the podcast to hear it.

In the meantime, you can catch the dance video outtakes on my Instagram page right here - there’s one captured in the grid, while the others are locked into the highlighted Behind The Scenes (BHTS) instagram stories.

I hope they at least put a smile on your face, if not induce some joyful laughter and inspire you to move your body.

You’re welcome.

More to come,


PS - One of the things I share with my clients in their discovery of their deeper purpose is to follow the joy. To observe what makes them smile, be in flow, or feel blissful. To remember what they got lost in as kids. I suggest they DO MORE of the joy-inducing activities. What are those things for you?

PPS - If you’ve not yet claimed your free Purpose Map, click here, and get yourself signed up!

Casey Berglund