Is it true that you're not ready? Or are you waiting for perfect?


There's a little real talk coming your way…

I’d love for you to take a breath, get present, and tune into yourself as you read this message.

When you say:

  • "I’m not ready."

  • "It’s not the right time."

  • "When X happens, I’ll be in a better position to do Y."

Is that really true? Or are you actually waiting for perfect?

Don’t get caught up distracting yourself with the fiddly bits of chasing perfect as a way to avoid doing the real work that will move the needle in the direction of your dreams.

Do you actually need a fully stocked kitchen and a perfect meal plan before you start eating healthier?

Do you actually require $X amount of savings in the bank before you can invest in yourself or your business?

Do you actually require a fancy website, business cards, 20+ hours each week, and a perfectly constructed offer, before you start serving clients paying you $2K - $10K EACH?

Absolutely not.

So what is this really about?

If you’d like to ditch perfection in favour of getting your first few clients paying premium fees ($2K - $10K) for your deeply transformational offer, I have just one question for you.

Would you like to join us?

Love & gratitude,


PS - Getting your first few clients paying premium fees is what you’ll do within The Transformation, an intimate group coaching program that helps you create a more sustainable business foundation through learning how to ethically and beautifully sell your purposeful work to people who are just waiting for you to step up and offer it.

You have to have a few things in place to make this happen, of course. This stuff ain’t magic. You must be a transformational service provider (dietitian, coach, consultant, etc) with a track record of helping people get results, ready to become more fully self-expressed through your purposeful work, and have a community (via your personal network, email list, Facebook, or Instagram) of at least 250 people who you are willing to be in communication with.

If you have these things, and you want to start bringing in more premium clients starting end of April…

...Hit reply to let me know you want to be considered.

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