Your perfect-fit clients want you to be all parts of you


Did you know...⁣

I grew up on a farm with over 100 horses, outside of a 200 person town in Saskatchewan, Canada? I lived a fairly typical small town country life: chores before and after school, 4-H club meetings, local sports, church on Sundays, and intimate community gatherings. ⁣

On the weekend, I met a couple of strangers who let me step into my "country girl" self and love up on their animals.⁣

I was reminded how much this "country girl" part of me is still alive and well within me. And how much I learned about entrepreneurship, work ethic, and LIFE from my upbringing.⁣

I used to hide some parts of my "country girl" self for the sake of business and "professionalism." I used to think I had to wear certain masks to be a leader and to guide others into transformational change. ⁣

Now, I have such reverence for my history, upbringing, past life experiences, and want those parts to be seen and integrated in a way that adds value.⁣

Those parts hold wisdom and that wisdom serves others.⁣

It's interesting, as I enrol people into Monetize Your Purpose (formerly The Transformation), I share that the program is about helping them get their first few clients paying premium fees for their transformational offer. ⁣

And this is absolutely true.⁣

But here's what it is really about...⁣

Full self-acceptance and self-expression. ⁣

When you are able to accept, integrate, and express the wisdom that comes from all of your different parts in a way that adds value to others and inspires them to do the same, you suddenly have something UNIQUE to offer that no one else can.⁣

And THAT is what your perfect-fit clients want. ⁣

Love & gratitude,


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